iray Manager 2013


iray Manager enables support for the iray string options in 3ds Max.

2013.3 changelog:

- iray Manager now includes iray Material 1.2



2013.2 changelog:

- Infinite, hemisphere and sphere mode are fixed and WORKING
- Support for matte objects (NVIDIA – iray Matte Objects in 3ds Max 2013)
- Sphere and hemisphere radius preview on viewport
- Matte ground shadows and reflections
- Embed settings in file for network rendering
- Updated instalation path to User directory to avoid issues with permissions

iRay Manager allows you to use hidden iray string options that aren’t available by default in your 3ds Max installation.



How to install:

Drag and drop the script into Max.
Go to Customize Menu -> Customize user interface
Select the Toolbar tab.
Select “You can do it! VFX” category
Drag and drop “iray Manager” into an existing toolbar or create a new one.

Note: It’s advised to run 3dsmax with administrative rights.

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