mScrub for 3ds Max®


mScrub allows you to easily scrub the timeline and navigate thru keyframes with the mousewheel.

Only for 3dsmax 2010+
Press and hold SPACEBAR
Wheel – Moves back and forth 1 frame
CTRL + Wheel – Moves 10 frames forward or backwards
SHIFT + Wheel – Moves to next or previous keyframe.
Right Click – Turns trajectory for selected objects On/Off.
Release SPACEBAR and you’re done.

Press SPACEBAR (without holding) to Play/Stop animation.

How to install:

Drag and drop the script into Max.
Go to Customize Menu -> Customize user interface
Select the Keyboard tab
Select “You can do it! VFX” category
Assign SPACEBAR to mScrub

Note: If you have problems installing, run 3dsmax with administrative rights

2013.04 changelog:

- Removed annoying messages in the listener
- Temp camera created by mScrub is now hidden

2013.03 changelog:

- Now works on 3dsmax 2010+
- New feature, right click turns on/off trajectory for selected objects
- Fixed playback bugs

2013.01 changelog:

- You can now hit space (without holding) to Play/Stop animation.

2013.0 changelog:

- Initial release 


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